What is the first city that cracks in your mind once you hear about the country Malaysia? Many of us would think about the city Kuala Lumpur, one of the main cities of Malaysia. Many tourists come to Malaysia travel around only the main cities and some other nearby cities. This is the common thing among many tourists and it is also acceptable one. But, those who really want to travel around many parts of Malaysia can visits the nearby islands that belong to some other states of Malaysia. The rarely visited state of Malaysia is Kedah. This place is the state of Malaysia that is located in the northwestern part of the peninsular Malaysia. This state also holds one of the best cities that you must see in Malaysia. That city is called as Langkawi.

You have many modes of travel around many parts of Malaysia. But one of the important mode of transport and you can enjoy in such transport is ferry travel. So that you can buy ferry ticket from kuala kedah to langkawi and enjoy the sceneries while traveling through ferry. You can get many benefits while traveling through ferry. There are many facilities available in ferry travel and the travel expense also very low while compared with the other modes of transport.

Langkawi is the group of 99 islands that all are separate from the mainland Malaysia. This holds some best beaches in Malaysia and it is considered to have the best views in the country. This economy is centered on tourism and this is one of the main reasons why this people is well kept and also maintained by the local government. They also have many international airports that may serves as a gateway to many cities in Asia like Guangzhou, Phuket, Hong Kong and Singapore.

What is in store for you?

One main thing that you have to know about the places is that, this place is awarded as the World Geo peak status by UNESCO, mainly due to the various conservation areas. This place is very close to nature and the people who would love to  trek and explore can have more fun in this place.