The richest DJs in the world and their net worth:

Celebrity Net Worth publishes a list of the richest DJs and producers in the world. As always, the bill is based on the money that the artist has earned throughout his career. This year, Calvin Harris is at the top. With $ 110 million, he is replacing Thron’s EDM Superstar Tiesto. Also, there is a lot of change in ranking over the previous year. It was earned more, sometimes less. Of course, the figures are estimates. They are based on the gigs and sold albums of the respective artists. In what places of the richest DJs/producers are stars like Avicii, David Guetta or Afrojack, we reveal you in the following article. To know the complete list of other celebrity net worth – visit

– Calvin Harris – $ 110 million

Calvin HarrisFor the first time the 1984 born Scottish-born DJ and producer Adam Richard Wiles aka Calvin Harris. He played about 125 gigs a year. He is enormously successful as producer and DJ. Calvin Harris produces and writes hits for Rihanna and other stars. Undoubtedly the Scotsman is one of the greatest dance and pop music producers of all time.

– Tiesto – 105 million dollars

TiestoTiesto is regarded as the DJ’s primary rock (next to Guetta and Paul Oakenfold, of course). Nevertheless, it is the second place, after ranking first in the previous year. Tiesto plays about 100 gigs a year and is a resident of the Hakkasan Club, Las Vegas. Officially not for the sake of money. In addition, Tiesto is still extremely successful with his own label Musical Freedom and regularly publishes songs, albums, and samplers.

– Avicii – 75 million dollars

Avicii Many people suspect that Avicii will replace the British Calvin Harris from the throne of the best-paid DJs but far from it. The 24-year-old is third behind Tiesto. Nevertheless, Tim Bergling aka Avicii is the man of the hour. Almost every production of it is currently an international Welthit. “Lovers on the Sun”, which he produced for David Guetta, is just one example. Approximately He plays 80 gigs a year. He was able to improve his ranking by a fabulous $ 25 million.

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High net worth of celebrities

Net worth of celebrities proves to be a major reason to decide their salability in terms of projects which take them. Net worth of celebrities can be found out and if you are a producer who is looking to role in the high profile people then finding their actual net worth is something that will help you in taking a right business decision through

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Celebrity net worth is decided out of the assets owned by the big names along with the income that they are generating from projects they are enrolled in. Celebrity net worth has a lot to do with the income they have been accruing in an increasing scale. Involvement in social causes also matters as it is linked with making the person have an estimated value based upon which big firms hire them or enroll them in the high-stake projects.

Celebrities who feature in the list of this website are picked from various categories which include sports and films and so on. Meant for making it easier for the firms to acquire a gamut of profits, the celebrity net worth can mean the world for those who don’t know from where to find the help from.

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The richest women in the earth attract everyone

Many women these days excel in their career and get ever-increasing popularity. They have a commitment to successfully improving their personal and professional life. If you search for an easy way to find out and aware about the richest women in the world in recent times, then you can access the online platform celebrity net worth wiki right now. You will get the most excellent support and be encouraged to successfully use this platform to gain knowledge of the celebrity net worth.

Liliane Bettencourt

Liliane Bettencourt is the richest businesswoman in the world. She was born in 1922. She is one of the shareholders of the L’Oreal founded by her father in 1907. She is the richest women and the eleventh richest person in the world. She has the net worth $36.1 billion.

Alice Louise Walton

Alice Louise Walton is the founder of Wal-Mart Stores. As the second wealthiest woman in the world, she gets ever-increasing recognition. Even though she is not involving in any aspect of running the mega store known as Wal-Mart, she has an equal share in the overall wealth of this store. The latest celebrity net worth wiki revealed that Alice Louise Walton has $33.2 billion net worth.

Jacqueline Mars

Jacqueline Mars is an investor and known for her talents in the career. She and her brothers inherited The American candy Company Mars after the death of her father in 1999. Mars not only makes sweets, but also makes pet food and Uncle Ben’s rice. Jacqueline Mars has the $23.4 billion net worth at this time.

Maria Franca Fissolo

Maria Franca Fissolo is a richest woman from Italy. She is the widow of Michele Ferrero and also she is the proprietor of the second biggest confectionary company namely Ferrero Spa. She has two sons Giovanni Ferrero and Pietro Ferrero Jr. She has the net worth $22.1 billion. Ferrero Group sweet company is recognized by its delicious Nutella chocolate, Kinder chocolate and Tic-tac mint. Maria Franca Fissolo runs the family business founded by her husband who died in 2015 Valentine’s Day. She understands the importance of properly using all opportunities and enhancing every aspect of the business further.


Everything you know about Blake Goldring

Are you a newbie to start the business and want to explore so many ideas to get success in your concern? Then, you should definitely think about the expert’s advice that becomes so fame in the industry. Now, there are so many famous and so successful business people available in the world and their success story can really inspire you to achieve some more in your life. In that way, Blake Goldring is the leading entrepreneur who has founded so many successful organizations in the business industry. Let’s see all the aspects about blake goldring in this article.

About Goldring

Actually, Blake goldring is a CEO of the AGF organization Limited.  This AGF management company is the independent Canadian based venture administration company to serve the institutional and retail investors from 1957. After the company has given control from Goldring, the AGF management has reached its peak level in profit. Of course, it is spread in the various countries and even in the continents like as follows.

  • United States of America
  • Asia
  • Europe

Apart from AGF management, Blake Goldring is also joined in the board of directors in Sunnybrook health Sciences center in 2010.  After that, he was elected as the Chairman in that hospital. Added with these things, he also becomes one of the members in Governance and nominating Committee.

Along with the Sunnybrook, he has also served on some other number of boards too and they are listed as follows.

  • Toronto Symphony Orchestra – One of the board members
  • Canadian film centre – Board member of founders
  • World President’s Organization – Chief executive
  • Toronto Financial services alliance
  • Investment finances foundation of Canada – Member of this group

Apart from these services, he is also become the affiliate of the IFIC improvised Strategic study committee. Besides these things, he is also become the Honorary colonel of the Canadian Army. As well as, he also becomes the founder and the chairman of the Canada Company. Well, if you want to explore more details about Blake Goldring, you can get the access over the internet.


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fitness exercises for men

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Food supplements have fast become a vital component of our meals. They give us the essential nutrients required for metabolism, which our food lacks. They have vitamins in the form of herbal powders which are easily soluble in water. They are especially useful during diet and exercise programs. However, if you are wondering whether it is safe to Vital Slim Kaufen, then don’t worry. Let’s see how safe they are.

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Dietary supplements are supplements not substitutes for healthy food. That is, they are nor supposed to replace the healthy elements in your diet but to be taken along with a balanced healthy nutrition.

It is important to note the kind of products you buy when you purchase dietary supplements. Some of them like ephedrine is an over the counter supplement which was sold both as a weight loss capsule as well as energy booster. As a diet tablet, it robbed you of essential nutrients and burnt excessive fat. It led to several side effects eventually resulting in death. This was banned by FDA at a later stage. It is always advisable to a medical practitioner’s advice before taking any supplement.

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